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3rd Party Software

  • 3D-Tool a 3D CAD viewer for all CAD-Systems with a standard STL-Interface (like Pro/E).
  • 3DView a 3D CAD viewer for Catia, Parasolids, SolidWorks, DXF, DWG, Mechanical Desktop, ACIS-SAT, Iges, STL, VDA, and more..
  • CADfix CAD geometry healing and repair software tool from ITI.
  • Actify, Inc. - a 3D CAD/CAM viewer for windows NT/95 that supports STL, IGES, VDA-FS, ISO G-Code and VRML.
  • Okino PolyTrans Converts ProE assembly and parts data to all major 3D animation packages and dozens of industry standard 3D file formats.
  • Prescient Technologies, Inc. sells a software application called DesignQA. The key features of this product are the following: It can interrogate the Pro/E .asm, .prt, or .drw to make sure they conform to company standards. It can measure how well the Pro/E database conforms to your company standards, (ISO 9000 tracking, and Pro/E training focus).
  • Blue Ridge Numerics CFDesign for Pro/ENGINEER a finite element fluid flow and heat transfer analysis package that is seamlessly integrated with Pro/ENGINEER.
  • Check out MacNeal Schwendler MSC/MVision Pro at http://www.macsch.com for a Materials Properties Database.
  • PS Composer by ObjectLogic Inc.. A native Pro/E file viewer with plug-ins to Netscape and MS-IE.
  • www.preview.com. Rosetta PreView: a HPGL plotfile viewer.
  • www.ndg.com. SwiftView from Northern Development Group: another HPGL viewer.
  • CAD/IQ. Model Quality and System Interoperability Testing tool.
  • Delta Group Ltd. Pro/ENGINEER Training: It is what we do best! Developers of Pro/ENGINEER & SolidWorks Software Add-Ons and Purge/Pro utility.
  • ProSIM a software tool that lets you interactively investigate the kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms directly in Pro/ENGINEER.
  • Rand Technologies. the RIGHT Technology Partner. Take a look at their Pro/E ModelCHECK software.

Graphics Software

  • Adobe - Photoshop - an image viewer and editor
  • Okino PolyTrans Converts and/or renders ProE assembly and parts data to all major 3D animation packages and dozens of industry standard 3D file formats.
  • Spicer Corp. - Imagenation - an image viewer and editor

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Salary info

There is also one published in the November 1998 issue of Pro/E the Magazine.
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